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EXE Mandazi

Mandazis are a breakfast favourite, daytime snack and even dessert. They’re monumental in the Kenyan cuisine which you’ll ace every time if you use EXE Mandazi.

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EXE Mandazi is made from a blend of fine wheat flour and special raising agents mixed in perfect proportions for fluffy mandazis, every time. Have we mentioned that it’s perfect for doughnuts as well? To achieve the perfect dough, we recommend using cold liquids when mixing and kneading.

What makes EXE Mandazi ideal for making mandazis and doughnuts is that it does not absorb oil when cooking. Additionally, it has a shelf life of 6 months. So, let’s make mandazis!

EXE Mandazi is available in 1kg and 2kg packs.

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1kg, 25kg, 2kg, Bale (12*2kg), Bale (24*1kg)