Pig Creep Pellets

Good feed is necessary for growth, body maintenance and the production of meat and milk in pigs.


FUGO Pig Creep Pellets is a specially formulated feed to facilitate rapid growth and development rate of the young piglet. In addition, it facilitates early stomach development in readiness for the solid diet given after weaning and enables faster growth. Knowing what, when, and how to feed your pigs will help them grow big and healthy. We recommend feeding your piglet by introducing gradually from week one and increase the daily allowance to appetite until one week after weaning.

What makes FUGO Pig Creep Pellets ideal are the following features:

  • Pelleted feed with high protein and energy ingredients
  • Contains well-formulated high protein ingredients

FUGO PIG CREEP PELLETSĀ  is currently available in 50 kg. You can find the feed at your nearest UNGA Farm Care distributor.