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Oil-based Acaricide

Almatix is a broad spectrum, oil-based acaricide with amitraz which kills ticks, mites, lice and keds in all classes of livestock. Almatix is oil-based and adheres to the skin and hair of the animals offering long-lasting protection even during rainy seasons. Furthermore, its residual effect lasts up to 7 days allowing for spraying/dipping to be repeated weekly.


Kills all worms - eggs, larvae & adult stages

Nemazole is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum, antiparasitic drug that kills gastrointestinal parasites (roundworms tapeworms, liver flukes) at all stages; eggs, larvae and adult stages. Nemazole is safe to use on all animals, young, sick and pregnant.


Feed Supplement

Vigosine is a feed supplement used as a growth protector to increase energy production and improve metabolic functions during periods of stress and critical farming periods that may affect feeding and intake of water and therefore result in impaired anabolic and metabolic functions.


Strong Dewormer

Leoxy is a powerful dewormer that eliminates roundworms, liver flukes and tapeworms in animals of all ages; cattle, sheep, goats and calves. It’s a convenient 1 drench drug which once used, there’s no need to purchase any other drugs.

Milking Salve

Suluhisho Kamili la Kukamua

Champion Milking Salve is medicated milking salve specially formulated with antibacterial and antiseptic properties to provide soothing and healing for the skin of your cows’ teats. With water-repellant properties, Champion Milking Salve helps restore and maintain the natural suppleness of the cow’s teats, aids in the healing of chaps and sores and further prevents their formation even in extreme conditions.