Famila-Wimbi Nourishment For Life Famila

Nourishment for Life.

And familiar too! It would be an uphill task to find one Kenyan who didn’t grow up taking Uji. This tasty delight is nostalgic while being the perfect comfort food or eat.
Here at Unga Limited, we are proud of our famous brand – Famila. Thousands of Kenyan households rely on Famila for a healthy, delicious start to the day.
We’ve created not 1, not 2 but 3 variants to suit your taste, age and needs.

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  • Famila Nutri-Health

    Every active adult is fueled by a healthy body, which is built on what we eat. Famila Nutri-Health prides itself in carefully selected ingredients that promote overall body health. Famila – Nutri health porridge is a source of dietary fiber which promotes a healthy gastrointestinal system, it is enriched with extra proteins, has no cholesterol and boosts our immunity through vitamins and minerals.

    Famila Nutri-health carefully selected formulation
    • Pure Millet Flour
    • Maize Flour
    • Calcium – for strong bones & teeth
    • Sorghum Flour
    • Amaranth / Terere – for higher protein content
    • Vitamins & minerals (Folates; Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B3; Vitamin B6; Iron; Zinc)

    Best taken for breakfast or in between meals. The choice is yours!

    Famila Nutri-health is available in 500g & 1kg packets.

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  • Famila Mama’s Porridge

    A healthy, nutritious diet is vital for mamas and Famila Mama’s Uji is specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of expectant and nursing mothers. Mama’s Uji is carefully milled with a blend of flours, vitamins, proteins and minerals to offer convenience and improve nutritional quality for quality milk production. It also contains zero cholesterol and is a good source of dietary fiber for mama.

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  • Famila Banana

    With the exciting fruity flavors of banana and strawberry, Famila Flavoured Uji is taking uji to the next level. It is a great source of dietary fiber which promotes great gut health, immunity, energy metabolism and vitality which is essential for teens and youth. It has been carefully milled and enriched with extra proteins, vitamins, minerals and zero cholesterol to offer convenience, great taste and improve nutritional quality.

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  • Famila Baby Porridge

    At 7 months babies are excited to try out new foods, flavors and textures! Famila baby porridge prides contains a unique blend of nutritious flours which facilitate baby’s much needed energy, growth & development; a perfect compliment to breast-feeding. For moms, you will find that babies love the taste of Famila baby porridge which has no added sugar! Share your baby’s growth journey with Famila baby porridge.

    Famila Baby porridge unique formulation:

    • Pure Millet flour
    • Maize flour
    • Defatted Soy flour
    • Fortified with vitamins & mineral (Folates; Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B3; Vitamin B6; Iron; Zinc)
    • Omega 3 – to boost immunity and brain development

    Mums can get Famila baby porridge in 500g & 1kg packets.

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  • Famila Baby Weaning

    With Famila Baby Weaning porridge that is deliciously satisfying, baby’s gummy smiles will have you smiling too!

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  • Famila Ujimix

    If there’s porridge that is tangy, delicious and tastes like home, you’re looking right at it. This porridge is timelessly traditional and has maintained the unforgettable traditional sour flavour.

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  • Famila Pure Wimbi

    Famila Pure Wimbi is popular with people and kids of all ages because it’s not only packed with nutrients but flavour too.

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