Unga Group PLC

About Us

Our Commitment

"Unga Group PLC is committed to best corporate governance practices. To further enhance accountability and transparency, the Group has this year made progress towards integrated reporting. This report is our first integrated report. We will continue to develop it to cover key issues that stakeholders would be interested in, to be able to gain a view of the financial and non-financial performance of the Group and how it interacts with the society. It aims at providing an overview of our framework for sustainable value creation, reporting current and future outlook financial and non- financial information and describing the link between the context. in which we carry on our business, our strategy, our corporate governance structure, and socioeconomic footprint. "
Isabella Ochola-Wilson

Our Culture

"The word PaTaMu is an acronym formed from three Kiswahili words-Pamoja Tuangamize Muda. Muda is a Japanese word meaning waste (Non-value adding activities inherent in processes and systems that lead to losses in all resources-Human, Financial etc) Translated in English, PaTaMu means-Together We Eliminate Waste. PaTaMu is a philosophy that promotes the belief that the existing systems/products/work processes/ services/facilities/layouts can be consciously improved in a systematic manner through the application of Continual Improvement ideals printed on this handbook. PaTaMu ideals are borrowed from the Japanese Lean Management System. A few of the concepts are described in the Japanese language. The English equivalent words are availed for ease of interpretation. "
Isabella Ochola-Wilson

Continual Improvement





Self Responsibility


Our Purpose

Our organizational culture defines who we are and how we work to ensure that we deliver on the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders, whilst living our STRICT core values to achieve our vision and mission.

Our Mission

To achieve and maintain market share leadership in the provision of superior human nutrition, animal nutrition and animal health products and services for the benefit of all stakeholders within East Africa.

Our Vision

Nutrition for Life